My contribution 06.02.2021

The people have not yet realized that the coronavirus has brought down the entire economy (and ruined their plans for the future)

The people have not yet realized that the coronavirus has brought down the entire economy (and ruined their plans for the future) No matter how much we all hoped for the contrary, the coronavirus has again come to us.This time it came as a horrible "blow" to the economy and to the well-being of all of us. The coronavirus has brought down the entire global economy (and ruined the plans of millions of people around the world).Yes, we can't do nothing about the COVID-19 epidemic and its strains. But you can make a real difference in the fight against the virus pandemic and the COVID-19 epidemic. In this article, we will talk about how (and why) you should get rid of financial problems forever, find prosperity and high incomes. 1) to Begin to "Control" your incomeFor a long time, we all thought that we would never be able to earn a little bit of money.And that we would live forever, surrounded by an ever-empty wallet and a huge "can".We began to control our income in the hopes that they would be used for "good works".But these hopes were shattered once and for all when the "crown" of coronavirus came down on us, crushing the dreams of ambitious people-and-for many years after that, they remained "without a penny". 2) Lack of a personal investment account or portfolioNo one canceled the loan. But we did not organize our personal investment account or have a "financial cushion".This became especially evident during the period of the "bear market" of 2011-2015.As a result, we lost our pre-crisis financial capital (which could have easily supported our family with its existing income).3) Falling incomes of the populationThis is what the coronavirus has brought down the incomes of our fellow citizens. We saw it first hand firsthand in the spring of this year, when the purchasing power of the ruble began to rapidly decline. citizens.We see it every day when the price of oil falls. And then we wonder why the price of oil has fallen — and in the stock market, which has long been "singing" in the background, and not being drowned in the waves of news and panic.4) the greatest threat to our domestic market share is not a major crisis In the short term, a weak economy (with a low-yieldflation rate) is a significant threat to the domestic market. In the long run, a strong economy (with a high-yieldflation rate) is completely neutral against imports. Yes, a falling economy is a threat. But so is a rising one. economy. 5) the Importance of a "well-made" investment Our fellow citizens are aggressively selling the following products: oil, currency, stocks, and other