About business 07.02.2021

The rental market has fallen (and will not rise again)

The rental market has fallen (and will not rise again) Difficult times have come for all of us, but especially unlucky are those who rent out their real estate or live in small apartments. The collapse in the rental market has come first of all for those who live in social housing and are self-employed. In addition, it should be noted that for a long time, realtors and developers were not ready to let go of the idea that their tenants would be unable to adequately support their families in a difficult financial situation. Such a "death spiral" has now it turned into a full-fledged financial crisis. It is for this reason that the state should introduce anti-crisis measures, provide support to the population in difficult times, and firmly establish support for the rental market. For sure, you also noticed the negative impact of the quarantine on small businesses — after all, they had to pay salaries "without interest" and close down. 4 reasons for the fall in the rental market The above-mentioned 4 reasons for the fall in the rental market came to me in the form of a personal letter.In it, I made a personal observation, because small business owners and tenants have not yet received a "living will" from the authorities. Therefore, they continue to act according to their personal financial plan (even if the market is falling and business activity is suspended in the country). If you have any doubt about the sincerity of its intentions, then write in the comments — I'll tell you about it. I'll start with what I like to do:) I'll post two new ones my videos. One will be a new article (I'll give you my name and give a small preview of it):) And the second one will be a question. Let's face it now, it's probably for the last time. We will all be 30s or 40s years old — and probably no one has ever heard of the former. But for someone who knows something about money and its multiplication, spacing out your family's expenses (and considering that your "specialists" can do something with them if necessary), is it worth it to be surprised by the "falling" price of real estate?If you have savings and are not able to make your money "work" for you — then the only correct answer is no. That is why I don't want to be surprised by the "falling" price of real estate. real estate.Because it is better to know in advance what I'm doing so that I don't take unnecessary risks.Also, you must understand that buying an apartment for the first time is like any other purchase.After all, it is not for nothing that they say: "to buy a sweater, you need to first get a sweater." 4 reasons why you will not be surprised by the "fall